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Our Top Tips

  • Check your credit scores and give them a boost if necessary
  • See a mortgage advisor and get your mortgage ‘agreed in principle’ so you are ready to proceed with an offer and have an edge over other buyers – click here to register for an informal chat
  • Location, Location, Location! Check out the neighbourhood
  • Consider your budget and the costs involved in buying, ie conveyancing, stamp duty, surveys etc
  • Choose the right survey – consider the property you are buying.  Do you need a basic Homebuyer’s Survey or a more detailed Full Structural Survey?
  • Viewing know how – we recommend viewing the property at least twice and at different times of the day.  Take your time, 20-30 minutes should be plenty of time to get the feel of a place
  • If you are moving from a property you own, then secure a buyer first.  This will make you a much more attractive prospect when putting in an offer on your new place
  • Be smart when choosing conveyancing services.  Ask around for recommendations and if you are using a solicitor, make sure they have good experience and knowledge in conveyancing.  You ideally need someone who has a reputation of moving things along quickly, efficiently and is on the ball.  We will be happy to recommend someone, just ask us
  • Don’t offer too low and risk offending the seller or being gazumped by someone else
  • Consider the seller’s circumstances – do they fit in with yours?  Maybe they don’t need to move for 6 months and you’ve just sold your house.  Are you prepared to move into rented accommodation in the meantime?
  • Keep the lines of communication open throughout the buying process and don’t disappear on holiday without first informing your agent and solicitor.  Good communication will lead to a much smoother process
  • Ask as many questions as you need to.  You are making a big commitment and no matter how silly you think your question is it’s better to know the full facts and be comfortable with what’s happening
  • Register with your friendly local agent click here