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A person, usually a relative or friend who will guarantee to pay your rent if fail to do so.
An AST (assured shorthold tenancy) when sharing with others, means that each individual is equally responsible for the payment of rent and the property throughout your tenancy.
An amount of money taken as security against damages and/or rent arrears at the end of the tenancy. This money will be held in a Government approved deposit scheme.
A document that shows the condition of the property, items and furnishings before you move in.

House in Multiple Occupancy, or a house that is occupied by three or more tenants that are unrelated.
The period of a tenancy fixed from the start date to end date as shown on your tenancy agreement.
Also known as ‘month by month’ is when the fixed term period has come to an end and no new fixed term tenancy agreement has replaced it, the tenancy therefore lapses to a periodic.
The late payment of rent.
The on which your rent is due, usually the date your tenancy starts.
Typically in a house of multiple occupants. If one person leaves and another person takes their place.
An option to terminate clause in a fixed term tenancy, which may be exercised after a certain period by either the landlord or tenant or both.

Per calendar month.
Services supplied to a property such as gas, electricity and water.

Energy Performance Certificate .
A technical term meaning disrepair or damage over and above general fair wear and tear.