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This occurs when the seller needs the sale of their house to occur before they can complete the purchase of another property. The same situation may exist for others in the chain. As a result, the whole chain can collapse if one link breaks.
The point when contracts have been exchanged and ownership legally passes to the buyer.
The point at which buyer and seller are legally bound to the sale and purchase of the property
Expenses paid by the solicitor on behalf of the purchaser
Legal work involved in buying and selling a house
Absolute ownership of property and land
The ownership of a lease
A common practise whereby the seller, having already accepted an offer from Party A, accepts a higher offer from Party B
Carried out by your solicitor to register buyer as the new owner of the house
A survey carried out by the lender to ensure that the house's value is not less than the proposed loan. Often the lender will arrange the survey and bill the buyer.
A report constructed by the surveyor detailing firstly, whether the house is structurally sound and secondly, listing the major/minor defects, (including the necessary work which needs to be done).
A search carried out by your solicitor to find out if there are any Local Authority Notices, with respect to the building itself (e.g. has it been condemned?), and the surrounding area (e.g. have plans gone through to build a motorway next to the house?)
When the value of your house falls to less than your mortgage.
A basic mortgage capital and interest on the loan are paid off in monthly installments
A type of mortgage in which the mortgagor is only required to pay off the interest that arises from the principal that is borrowed. Because only the interest is being paid off, the interest payments remain fairly constant throughout the term of the mortgage.
When a seller chooses only one Estate Agent to sell their home
When a seller chooses more than one Estate Agent to sell their home
A certificate or statement from a lender or mortgage advisor to say that ‘in principle’ they would lend a certain amount to a particular prospective borrower or borrowers based on basic information